ParaMedic / Military Corpsman / Military Medics to RN

Career Learning Centers (CLC) offers “Flexible Learning Solutions” that help busy health care professionals use their existing knowledge and experience to earn their ASN Degree and become licensed as an RN.

For almost a decade, CLC has been showing and helping healthcare professionals like LPN/ LVN, Para Medics / Military Corpsman and Medics how to use their experience to successfully BRIDGE to an ASN Degree and their RN licensure.

Although there are several Colleges and Universities who offer flexible programs, we usually suggest using the College that has offered the most flexible Bridge Program for over 30 years, Excelsior College.

We not only prepare you to pass ALL REQUIRED ACADEMIC COURSES, We also prepare you to pass the Clinical Evaluation and the NCLEX.

2. Our flexible learning solutions provide a directed and effecient advancement solution to make it easier than ever to move to your ASN and RN lisensure. FLS provides a directed and efficient advancement solution for busy working adults:

a. flexible class scheduling – available 24/7/365

b. go as fast or as slow as you want – it works however you need it to – you’re in charge

c. affordable – you pay as you go

d. Subscription based – the faster you go, the less it costs you

By using the CLC Flexible Learning Solutions to help move you to your RN much quicker, you can

start enjoying the benefits of higher pay, expanded job opportunity, prestige and increased self- pride much sooner.

On average, RN’s earn * $34,330.00 more per year LPN/LVN, Paramedics, Military Corpsman, and Medics.


* Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook 2012-2013 edition