Once you have completed a course using a *”good faith academic approach” to learning, and are unable to pass the Standardized Exam in the same subject, you will get FREE ACCESS to additional course content as well as professor guided tutor service, if needed, until the course is passed.
* A “good faith academic approach” includes the following:

a. completion of ALL online and supplemental learning activities offered
b. in-depth completion of workbook assignment questions
c. completed ALL interim practice exams in the workbook with a score of 100% each
d. completion of end of course practice final exam in the workbook with a score of 95% or better

Student must send to CLC at 2649 Gulf to Bay, Clearwater Florida, 33759, the following:

a.) completed workbook showing *good faith academic approach
b.) a copy of the students failing grade from the Official Exam Provider
c.) a receipt from the Official Exam Provider showing cost of exam paid for
d.) a receipt from CLC for the course failed
e.) course must have been completed and tested on within a 120 day time period from start to finish
f.) CLC must receive all documented requirements above within 30 days of failing test date